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All About Cyber Kisses.

Just finished reading cyber kisses. Moving, authentic and the Georgia I know printed on 70 pages of paper. Bravo!

~ Umer F

It’s the first book I’ve read in years. Well done Buddy.

~ Rotimi T.

Library and Archives Canada is officially a proud owner of Cyber Kisses. What are YOU waiting for?

"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say"~ Anaïs Nin

Cyber Kisses Book launch •  268 Augusta Avenue Toronto • June 7, 2011

Cyber Kisses Book launch •  268 Augusta Avenue Toronto  June 7, 2011

Far Far Away

Just sent two copies of my book to Ottawa! It was hard parting with my cream coloured babies BUT the excitement in the faces and emails of the to-be owners made the process a little bit easier.

The packaged weighed a staggering 0.109 kg … :D

Hey Guys! Please scroll down to the first post and work your way up.


This is why you should place your order ASAP!

This is why you should place your order ASAP!

Still answering questions

How can I get the book?

To get a copy of the book, simply email georgia.bassey’at’ stating your interest.

Copies of the book can also be ordered via the facebook page: , and through the Life Rattle Press website: PS: Life Rattle is currently out of copies, SO please email the gmail address for a copy!

How much is the book? Book costs are as follows (including the cost of shipping)

  • $17 no shipping required
  • $21 to Canadian Addresses
  • $23 to U.S. addresses

Is the book for both sexes?

 YES! It is. I guess one could argue the book cover is a little heavy on the ‘cute- factor’, I apologize for that.

Who should read the book?

If you ask me: Anyone that loves the thrill of a good story.

If you ask Tijani "Everyone! I loved it. When’s the sequel coming out?"